The Uh-oh moment

The past few months have been pretty dull and boring. Just the usual.. Work, eat, chill, sleep and back to work again. It was just not that I had nothing to write about (I’m not a loser duh!), I just didn’t find any encouragement. You know like at work, usually you’re bound to complete the work or else you’re screwed. But it’s different here; no one is much bothered about one small, hardly active blog. So I pull myself up and decide to write about something, and on a Monday because,  let’s face it, we all need some kind of hope to get the week over with.

Disclaimer: This is just a random post written after ages. Don’t be mad if it is boring. 😉

So where was I? I was down for a while; some things at work weren’t “working” out as planned, the cook in me had almost died, and yes of course most importantly, my plans to stay fit was crippled by KFC s, a few other burger joints, Chinese restaurants and not to mention the new Kebab center near my new home(sigh!). Well to top this all, birthday cakes(I can’t not eat my own birthday cake!). So in short- my on and off relationship with morning jogs was almost coming to an end. Gone were those early morning dates, when I used to get up excited and gulp my lemon- honey water, when I used to plug in my earphones and shun away my worries and stress, when I used to feel tired and fresh all at the same time! I started  waking up hungry, sulky, bloating, looking in the mirror and hating myself. It was almost over. But eventually that dreaded day of realization had arrived, and knocked at my mind’s door.

It was a hot Saturday afternoon; I was done with my morning coffee and a big, heavy breakfast- I’m not going to say what it was, but it had whole egg(s), bread(white!), almost a complete box of butter(i.e. 100g ish), and some ketchup. I decided to go to the mall and buy some groceries. Wondering why go to a mall for grocery? Well, that’s where the whole fun is! The mall has Dunkin Donuts, and I can probably take away a Crunchy Joe and my free donut(yes I have a coupon that gives my free donuts for AN ENTIRE YEAR). At least that was the plan.

I took a quick shower and opened the wardrobe- I found my favorite blue Tee- the comfortable, light, and loose one; most suitable for the heat. I decide to wear that. I pull up my jeans, apply some lotion, and pull down my tee, and try again, except that the tee wasn’t coming down. There was something stuck in my tee. I tried hard and harder… Finally I managed to pull it down. And I looked in the mirror. I was horror- struck. You remember me mentioning something getting stuck in my tee? That was me!!! I had gained so much weight that I wasn’t fitting into my own, loose tee! And when I finally got into it, I could see a big, round, flabby tire on the place I used to call stomach!

BAM. That was the moment. When I realized that I needed to pull myself together. I needed to get back together with jogging. However hard it is, however time consuming it is, I need to get back in shape.

And now I am, slowly. If you know how hard it is to try to get back someone who you cheated on, you probably know how I feel right now. It’s not easy, but I need to do it. I am trying my best, and I will get me back on track. 🙂

PS: I didn’t take away anything from DD that day !! 😉


Mumbai Diaries

It’s been a year since I moved to Mumbai! A year and I have nothing but boundless admiration for this place and its people. I’d heard people say Mumbai tests your limits before the city accepts you, but that was never the case with me. It was an instant connect; I loved the place starting the day I moved in. The beautiful beaches, amazing street food, the nice people, cutting (chai), the RAINS, the Queen’s necklace, the nightlife, Bollywood sightings, (And the list goes on and on!), nothing ceases to awe me as the day passes.   The crowd sure was a little maddening in the beginning, but eventually you get used to the hustle (Perseverance Maximus!). Continue reading

Morning walk musings

The weekday was pretty normal

With birds chirping oh! so formal

I watched them chat away while speedily walking

I didn’t realize I bumped a tree, wait why’s it talking?

It took me time to get back up and straight

And to realize it was almost eight

Out of the park I scurried away

But not without turning back at the muscles that made me say, Olay!


She stood alone in the hallway, with a pounding heart and a teary eye,

With a hundred regrets coming her way and a handful of hopes passing by.

Realizing that she’d never see the day ending well

For he was about to rip her trust wide apart, like with a shrapnel

She waited for him but he never made it, coward he always was

He called her when she wanted to give up, which she never has.

She heard those ghastly words and she was snubbed and humiliated,

And all she felt were tears of relief; all her prayers had been heard.

Hitler a Meth-head? American Military Intelligence Reveals the Nazi Leader Was Addicted to Crystal Meth

Henchman without an overlord


The mystery surrounding the man, the leader, Adolf Hitler is manifold. To many people, he is the devil incarnate, the anti-Christ; for many others he was the secular Messiah with the ideology of optimism. Whether you love him or hate him, he cannot be ignored. Decades after his death, his allure is still evident and the many secrets that have been unfolded since his death has only added to his enigma.

In June last year, published letters from a German author and Nazi soldier, Heinrich Böll revealed that a “miracle pill” called Pervitin or, as we know it today, crystal meth was administered on soldiers by Nazi health practitioners as an “alertness aid.”

Böll later received international notoriety as the most famous post-war writer and won the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1972.

According to the letters, Nazi troops took crystal methamphetamines in order to stay awake and motivated, despite…

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Zid kar lo, bas beizzat na karo!

blogaddaDear Dr. Yesudas sir,

You are one of the finest singers that India has ever seen. You have always been loved abundantly and respected wholly by Malayalees and Non Malayalees equally despite the fact that you sing all the other languages’ songs with a Malayali slang(or malayali chova as we say). But what you did yesterday made a very large percent of your woman admirers throw “Zid na karo” and “Chamak cham cham” right into their recycle bins. I am not ashamed to say that I am one amongst those. The sweet, touching songs that once I thought came straight from your heart, now makes me feel sick.
You are a notably respected musician and you do your job far more than well. Why would you take all the goodwill that you earned till now simply by doing something that you are not good at? I still can’t believe that you remarked on the way women dress up, let alone offending them! You quoted that when women wear jeans, others are forced to look beyond that (jeans). What made you say that, sir? Were you “forced” to look at anything else? I mean come on, you lived in a country like USA and that should’ve at the least had a little effect on your thoughts. But alas, this mentality has been instilled in your brain since birth, like any other Indian man’s. You sure are allowed to have a perspective about everything, but please, kindly have a brain check up and get some better ones! (How about keeping quiet and not bothering about what women wear, for starters?).

Lastly, I would like to say that being an ardent music enthusiast, I am so very disappointed with your comments about “women wearing jeans” that I have lost all the respect for you; I would rather listen to an untrained musician who respects women, than listen to your songs that get me outraged and embarrassed about my state & its people. Kindly get a grip on yourself.

A music lover

When life gives you lemons!

I joined TCS on the 6th of September, 2010. It just struck me today morning that I completed 4 years here! Four long years… Wow! I completed college four years back… I celebrated 4 birthdays in TCS! These four years have taught me so much as a person and as an employee; I just can’t stop myself from thinking overwhelmingly how much I have established myself from being a basic level trainee to an analyst! All the happiness, all the hardships, the fights with the bosses and all the stuff I learnt from them; life goes on, leaving us memories of the past to live with. These are memories that I’d cling to, no matter what! A wave of subtle emotions gush across me each time I pick them up from my playlist of fond memories. I feel like noting them down so I get encouraged whenever I feel otherwise. So here it is!!

1)The day I got my job (It was ACTUALLY a miracle): That was the second best day of my life (Till date at least). If there was a place beyond the seventh heaven, I was there! My hopes of getting a job were gone for good; when I didn’t get through my tests for Infosys, TCS and UST. Yes, TCS had already completed their round of recruitment and I didn’t get through the first time. That was a year and a half before I reappeared. So when they came in for the second time, I was pretty sure that I wasn’t going to be taken. But then they came for a second time, and they did take me in, the underprepared, pessimist me. I was in a state of shock and delight at once. I remember telling everybody in my vicinity about my placement… I hugged and jumped all the way back to the hostel. And I was told later that day by one of my friends (The same guy who encouraged me to attend the TCS tests again) that I was amongst the two people from my college who cleared the TCS interview. Was there a better way to top my wonderful cake? 🙂

2)The day I got into my project: Since my training with TCS started, I only wanted one thing; work for an American project. So when I was told that I’d be working for one, I was so thrilled that I knew I’d do my best there. And I did.

3)The first time I topped in my team’s monthly performance report: I was so happy to see my name there, lying on the top of the list. That sense of content stays unsurpassed; Maybe because I’ve never been so good in anything.

4)The first time I was appreciated by a client: It is always encouraging to be appreciated by your superiors, and it is very special when it comes from a client. I was getting let down by the way things were going on in office, but when all of a sudden my client’s ping popped up saying “Hi Aparna! I know how much hard work and time it requires for you to solve all the issues. Please keep the same momentum throughout. Kudos!” all of that negative energy was just swept away from me.

5)All of my performance certificates: Allow me flaunt a little here; I have quite a collection of certificates from my project. I did well, and they acknowledged me better. Every time I got one of those, I was extremely elated; and each one of them is close to my heart.

6)My promotion to second level: As I said, I was always recognized by my project. But when I was promoted to the second level, to a project where hardly anybody gets in easily; I felt blessed. Truly, madly, deeply blessed.

7)My last day in project: The above points are enough to guess what I must have gone through on my last day in Target. No words required.

Whilst these things happened in my professional life, I developed as a person equally. I lived in 3 states of India, stayed at 6 homes, survived with people from different cultural upbringing, made friends with a couple of them, found my best ever friend & confidant(who happens to be my cousin too!), travelled with her, did a few things I’d rather not discuss now :D, almost got married, actually got married, cooked and what not?
I love the way things have turned out, and I’m forever beholden to TCS for that. When life gives you lemons accept them graciously, and grab Tequila and salt!! 😀