My tryst with baking

Here goes my first recipe blog!
Yesterday was our 6 month anniversary, and I wanted to make it special. So I thought and thought on how to make it special. I thought of starting it up with cutting a nice chocolate cake that I’d buy from Birdy’s(A famous cake shop around Mumbai) followed by a nice gift. But then, Oh wait! we just bought a new microwave recently, and one of the lines that I used to convince my husband on buying it is “And hey! I can even bake in that! Just imagine, how awesome it would be, for you to be back from office on a Saturday evening and I’ll be waiting with an amazing cake? Yaay!” Even though he was not very convinced that an exceptionally lazy and intolerably impatient person like me would actually BAKE, after a few arguments, he decided to give up, and we finally ended up buying an extra awesome Morphy Richards’ microwave oven. So I decided, this was a golden chance to prove my point! I tried baking for the first time in my life! And it worked out certainly well! Here’s the recipe of the chocolate cake that I baked y’day. 

For the cake
All purpose flour(Maida) -3/4 Cup
Cocoa Powder(I used Cadbury’s cocoa) -1/2 Cup
Castor/ Icing Sugar -1/2 Cup
Baking Powder -1/3 Tsp
Eggs -2
Luke warm water -1 Cup
Molten, non salted Butter -100g

For the chocolate topping
Cocoa Powder -1/4 Cup
Castor/ Icing Sugar -1/4 Cup
Chocolate syrup -3 Table Spoon
Chocolate chips -1/2 Cup
Grated chocolate -1/2 Cup

Let’s start with the cake. Now let me warn you, the cake that will be made with the above measurement can be consumed by 4 people to the maximum. Moving on. In a deep bowl, add Maida, Cocoa powder, Castor sugar and the baking powder and mix thoroughly. Add onto it the eggs, moten butter and water, and blend it until the whole mixture becomes lumpy. Here you can either use a blender to make the cake batter, a spoon can also be used, but it requires a little more effort(Lesson learnt! 😀 ). Once done, keep this aside, and take the microwave dish and spread a litle bit of butter all over the surface. Place the cake batter over the dish uniformly.

Now we go with the cake topping. Mix the rest of the sugar and the cocoa powder along with the chocolate chips. Spread it all over the surface of the cake batter. Topping one is ready!

Set the microwave to full power and keep the dish in the microwave for 5 minutes. You may take the dish out and check the setting of the cake in beteen, just in cake it doesn’t get over cooked. After 5 mins, take the cake out of the oven(Please make sure you use gloves, another lesson learnt 😉 ) and let it cool. Pour the chocolate syrup over the surface and spread it uniformly and carefully. It can be garnished with grated chocolate as you widh. Your cake is all set!
All set!