My first official Book Review: The Fault in Our Stars

Author: John Green

If the world were made of people with cancer, this would probably be like any other normal love story. But it is not.

The book revolves around 16 year old Hazel (who also happens to be the narrator), a miraculous cancer survivor who happens to meet her soul mate Augustus Waters (or just Gus) in a support group (an effort by parents to get her to have a life. These parents I tell you!). Augustus happens to be a leg cancer survivor with a leg and a half, a fear of oblivion and a lot of joy and enthusiasm left in him. They’re drawn to each other almost instantly in a very sweet and humorous way, and the whole story line goes about how the rest of the world becomes a cancer battlefield, and none of it matters when you know that all you’ve got to do is live today, gracefully.


The story has everything a perfect love story needs: romance, anguish, frustration, happiness, pain, loss, philosophy; but the very emotion that had me gripped onto the book was its satirical humor. Green has portrayed the characters so beautifully that I have a perfectly sculpted picture of Hazel and Augustus in mind (PS: I haven’t watched the movie yet). The book is written thoughtfully yet in a very simple language; the clarity of expression is supremely evident. It keeps you flipping through the pages, even though there is hardly any surprise element in it.

This is definitely a must- read one. A story that probably makes you appreciate the smallest joys of life, and how it is actually the fault in our stars (one incredible page where he has beautifully explained it all).

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Happy Reading! 🙂

PS: I still have a big lump in my throat, so let me go deal with it.


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