Here’s to hope!

The year that was!
The year that was!

2014 was probably one of the hardest years of my life; and probably the finest of all. Getting married, moving to an entirely new city, making new friends, falling in love, gaining a hell lot of weight, losing a small percent of what I gained (consider the emotional outburst that comes along!), cooking(Trust me when I say I cook!), and what not!
I went through a lot of turmoil, but I came out perfectly fine, like it all never mattered at the end. The madness, the melancholy, the eternal bliss, the boredom. Nothing ever matters. There could be hundreds of reasons to be sad, to give up; but just one reason, one small reason is all that is required to move forward. So find that reason and live your life to the fullest! Here is to a new year, a year of hopes, happiness, thoughtfulness, and many more!
My new yearโ€™s resolution was not to have one. But when I thought of it, I realized, if I do not have a target, how do I achieve it? And more importantly what do I write about? So my resolution is to
1) Stay fit and healthy- Eat healthy
2) Work harder, be more effective
3) Cook more
4) Read more
5) Blog more

These are mineโ€ฆ So what are yours?
Happy New Year! Cheers! ๏Š

2014 through my eyes
2014 through my eyes