Zid kar lo, bas beizzat na karo!

blogaddaDear Dr. Yesudas sir,

You are one of the finest singers that India has ever seen. You have always been loved abundantly and respected wholly by Malayalees and Non Malayalees equally despite the fact that you sing all the other languages’ songs with a Malayali slang(or malayali chova as we say). But what you did yesterday made a very large percent of your woman admirers throw “Zid na karo” and “Chamak cham cham” right into their recycle bins. I am not ashamed to say that I am one amongst those. The sweet, touching songs that once I thought came straight from your heart, now makes me feel sick.
You are a notably respected musician and you do your job far more than well. Why would you take all the goodwill that you earned till now simply by doing something that you are not good at? I still can’t believe that you remarked on the way women dress up, let alone offending them! You quoted that when women wear jeans, others are forced to look beyond that (jeans). What made you say that, sir? Were you “forced” to look at anything else? I mean come on, you lived in a country like USA and that should’ve at the least had a little effect on your thoughts. But alas, this mentality has been instilled in your brain since birth, like any other Indian man’s. You sure are allowed to have a perspective about everything, but please, kindly have a brain check up and get some better ones! (How about keeping quiet and not bothering about what women wear, for starters?).

Lastly, I would like to say that being an ardent music enthusiast, I am so very disappointed with your comments about “women wearing jeans” that I have lost all the respect for you; I would rather listen to an untrained musician who respects women, than listen to your songs that get me outraged and embarrassed about my state & its people. Kindly get a grip on yourself.

A music lover