What if?

The ill fated Uttarakhand flood put forth a lot of questions in my mind. Life is beautiful, many say. It’s a gift of god, apparently. But coming to a world of realism, is it really a gift of God? If so, how can someone explain why thousands of people are dead, hundreds still stranded, and a terrifying number of people still walking kilometers of distance to get their basic needs satisfied? And further more appalling than all this, is that this all has happened in a holy land where every devotee seeks for piety, as per Hindu mythology.Rudraprayag in 2010

Had my life been started three years later, I would have been probably dead, or trapped somewhere, left with nothing but hopes that some help would come through(or not). Around the same time, in fact the same 3 days three years ago I had been to Uttarakhand, was walking around, spellbound by the beauty of the hills and the tranquility of the rivers in Rudraprayag and its fellow cities. Never did I know then that the hushed flow of the rivers would change to a roaring call out for lives. The sight of the subsided Rudraprayag Bridge, where we happily kept on clicking photos, gives me shudders every time. This all narrows me down to one thought; why all those people? Is Mother Nature biased? People say it’s God’s way. So if God had plans to take them away, then why did he create them? Does all this mean that the people who shed their lives there are pious now? Are all their sins forgiven?

But then all is falling under control now. The people who lost their lives are being compensated by their family being helped. Maybe that way they are being washed off of all their sins. The ones who are yet to be found will be rescued soon. That’s the law of nature. That’s how God works. If he takes some sort of happiness from us, he gives it back in some other way. But all this kept aside, still somewhere in my mind a question is fired up; are our lives so unpredictably lopsided, that a single flood can simply wash away?